Hourly service between Belfast and Londonderry?

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SDLP election candidate Gerry Mullan has pledged to ensure that an hourly train service between Belfast and Londonderry is implemented at the earliest


The line upgrade has included the construction of a passing loop, which would permit for the first time an hourly service between the two cities.

The Limavady man said: “Unfortunately the resources needed to run the service is not in the current budget but they must be found to ensure that there are no more hitches or disappointments and the people of the North West get the service they are entitled to.

“The Derry-Belfast railway is a success story which benefits not just Derry and Belfast but in particular Coleraine where many of the passengers travel to. The contribution the railways make to the local economy is grossly underestimated and needs to be greater appreciated.

“If elected to the Assembly I will ensure that the work of the SDLP over the last 18 years is delivered and I will have no hesitation in highlighting the shortcomings of those political parties that let our people down in the past.”