How do you like yours - shaken or stirred?

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Fridays at The Anchor have gone cocktail mad!

Since introducing the new cocktail menu during the summer, there’s been a huge increase in the number of cocktails ordered, and the staff are delighted.

So how do you prefer yours - shaken or stirred?

Bar man Kyle, who is one of the best cocktail makers in the area says: “It used to be only the ladies who ordered them, but we’ve noticed an increase in the number of guys asking now.”

“I’m convinced it’s my strawberry daiquiris that are the main reason we get so many attractive females on a Friday,” he joked.

So why not kick start your weekend with a couple of cocktails and a boogie at the Anchor complex this week.

Brian Moore will be spinning ot the tunes in the Anchorage, whilst in the Anchor, a guest band will be rocking the dance floor!