Humanitarian crises: Oxfam needs your help

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In times of crisis, the people of Coleraine have shown their solidarity with those who need it most, that’s the view of Oxfam Ireland Chief Executive, Jim Clarken.

In a letter to The Coleraine Times this week, Mr Clarken highlights the work carried out by the charity, which is only possible thanks to the donations of local people.

“Thanks to Coleraine’s generosity, when disaster strikes, Oxfam is there.

“Unfortunately the need for help has never been as important as it is now. The Syria crisis is the world’s worst so far this century and millions are affected in the aftermath of the typhoon in the Philippines.

“Without the support of communities throughout County Londonderry, or the wonderful dedication of volunteers in our Oxfam stores in Coleraine and Londonderry, Oxfam Ireland wouldn’t be able to continue our work with the world’s poorest people.

“Poor countries are four times as likely as rich ones to experience major conflicts. And people living in poverty are the most vulnerable to all kinds of disasters.

“One month on from the Philippines typhoon, we have reached nearly 250,000 people with emergency relief and many more desperately need our support. Many have lost their homes and means of making a living and have no money to rebuild them.

“Oxfam’s work is making a real difference. Syria and the Philippines are just two of the many emergency responses Oxfam is providing worldwide right now. We urgently need to raise enough funds to ensure we can reach those who need our help.

“That’s why we have launched our major 12 Days Christmas Appeal, which highlights the 12 ways people can help those whose lives have been devastated by emergency situations and natural disasters.

“In times of crisis, the people of Coleraine have shown their solidarity with those who need it most. Your help can save lives.”