Ill health calls time on Davy’s sit out

The Caring Caretaker Davy Boyle
The Caring Caretaker Davy Boyle

An emotional Caring Caretaker has confirmed that he will NOT be doing his annual sit out this Christmas.

Despite Davy Boyle’s vow in The Times last week to continue his festive fundraiser, an emotional Davy broke the news to us 48 hours later that doctors had advised him not to brave another freezing winter.

Davy (60) began the sit out in 2002 and has raised more than £415,000 for local charities.

However the sit out will continue in some other form for Davy’s chosen charities, with Davy playing a small part in the Christmas fundraiser.

Speaking to The Times on Wednesday, Davy was heart broken, but since then he says he has ‘come to terms’ with the fact he won’t be at his town centre pitch over Christmas,

Last year Davy raised his biggest about amount since he began his fundraising efforts, handing over a massive £47,000 to a list of charities.

So far this year Davy has amassed £12,000, and he says he needs the public’s help more than ever to help boost his fundraising figure.

Davy told The Times: “I knew in my heart of hearts that I wouldn’t be able to do the sit out, but I just wanted the doctor to tell me.

“A few of my close friends have now agreed to take on my sit out.

“I have been assured by my doctor that I will be able to make an appearance each day, but he has warned me not to be staying out too long.

“I am feeling a bit more positive that it will go ahead in some form, with reduced timings and days, so at least my charities will gain from the event.”

Dennis McNeill and Darren Pollock have undertaken to arrange this year’s sit out.

Arrangements are still being finalised, and Dennis admitted that they could never ‘fill Davy’s boots’, nor would they want to take away from what he has achieved through the years.

“Davy is so dedicated to his charities, so we really want to have some form of sit out to replace what usually happens. It’s a ‘plan B’ really but we will do all we can to continue Davy’s amazing efforts.

“We’re thinking about maybe three or four days a week in from the first Monday in December, when Davy usually starts his sit out, and perhaps a rota of people who would be willing to help out.

“The next few weeks will confirm everything.”