Inst results ‘pleasingly strong’

THE Upper Sixth performance in the A2 examinations at Coleraine Inst was “pleasingly strong” with many pupils building on how well they performed in AS examinations last year.

The recently introduced A* grade at A2 level is an outstanding achievement for any pupil and Richard Nicholl has been awarded 3 A* grades in Further Mathematics, History and Politics and 2 A grades in English and Mathematics.

“This enables Richard to take up his place in Emmanuel College, Cambridge to read Law; an outstanding achievement,” said a school spokesperson.

“Zarak Khan has been awarded 4 A grades and is studying Medicine at St George’s College, London. Joshua Livingstone achieved an A* in Further Mathematics and another 2 A grades and will study Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University, Belfast. Timothy McLean and Samuel Steen secured three A grades each; Timothy is studying History and Politics at Queen’s and Samuel is following in his brother’s footsteps to study Medicine at Glasgow.

“Amadeusz Buczma was awarded the school’s first A* in Art and Design. Robin Bell, Michael Eardley, Matthew Kane and James Freeman all achieved two grade As and one B and will be studying Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Science, Mechanical Engineering and Law and Politics respectively at Queen’s University Belfast.

“In the third year of A* grades, pupils have been awarded this grade in Art, History, Further Mathematics and Politics. It is very pleasing to see many pupils taking their first steps towards careers in the top professions and we look forward to seeing the success they will achieve.

“They have made a great beginning by securing places at top universities including Cambridge, St George’s London, Glasgow and Queen’s. There is a notable increase in the proportion of pupils electing to attend university in Northern Ireland.

“The foundations for success in Upper Sixth are put down in the Lower Sixth AS examinations, the first half of the full A level. This year’s Lower Sixth have had a very good year and these pupils have put themselves in a very strong position of this time of year.

“Hamzah Khan achieved 4 As at AS and an A* in full A level Mathematics; Daniel Faith-Crothers and Andrew Woods achieved 4 As at AS and an A in A level Mathematics; Simon Curry achieved 3 As at AS and an A in A level Mathematics; Paul Douglas achieved 2As and 1B at AS and an A in A level Mathematics; Jonathan Murphy achieved 4As at AS; Karl Reid achieved 3As and 1B at AS and a B in A level Mathematics; Luke Caulfield achieved 3As and 1B at AS; Philip Black achieved 3As at AS; Dylan Leslie achieved 2As and 1 B at AS and a B in A level Mathematics and Daniel Hatcher, Corey McDowell and Jack Taggart achieved 2As and 1 B at AS.”