It’s ‘playtime’ for uncle and nephew

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An uncle and his nephew began the same nursery school together in Coleraine last week.

Little Finn Kinnaird and his nephew Rory Kinnaird - both aged three and born just 13 days apart in March 2013 - held hands as they skipped into Kylemore Nursery for the first time on Thursday afternoon.

Finn Kinnard and his nephew Rory Kinnard

Finn Kinnard and his nephew Rory Kinnard

The cute little lads were warmly welcomed by principal Marian McCouaig and her staff and they happily played together during their first day at the Kylemore Road school.

“Yes it’s very strange and unusual,” laughed Finn’s mum and Rory’s granny, Derval.

“The boys loved it, they had a great time on their first day. They played away and just wanted me and my daughter Megan to go home and leave them alone!

“Finn was born on March 6, 2013 and Rory, who is Megan’s son, arrived 13 days later, so they are practically like brothers really.

“I think they will raise a lot of eyebrows throughout their lives that they are actually uncle and nephew.”

Mum of four Derval, from Churchlands Road, and her daughter Megan (22) are delighted that both boys settled in well at Kylemore.

“They really enjoyed it, they were only in for an hour but they had great fun. We are all very proud of them.”

Kylemore principal Marian McCouaig said: “To be my knowledge we haven’t had an uncle and a nephew at the school before.

“We were delighted to welcome the boys to Kylemore and have 105 new pupils this year.

“We hope that they Rory and Finn and all the boys and girls will be very happy and have a great year with us.”