Jet Centre cinema all set to pilot movies with subtitles

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Movie House Cinemas at the Jet Centre in Coleraine will be holding new monthly screenings of popular movies with subtitles for customers who are hard of hearing.

This month two screenings - The SpongeBob Movie: ‘Sponge Out of Water’ on April 12 at 11am, and ‘Fast & Furious 7’ on Thursday 16th April at 7pm.

The two screenings are part of a pilot scheme by the Coleraine entertainment complex. And they say that if the screenings prove popular they will continue to offer them.

DUP MLA Adrian McQuillan said that he had written to complex bosses, following contact from a number of constituents, with hearing difficulties.

The Garavgh based MLA told The Times this week that he was ‘delighted’ that the Jet Centre had taken on board the suggestions put forward.

“When I was contacted by a number of constituents who told me that they had travel to Belfast for cinema screenings with subtitles I felt that I had to intervene. I know that the complex have been investigating different means of projecting subtitles onto screens.

“The Jet Centre is a marvellous facility, and it is very well used by locals and visitors alike, I am delighted that following contact they have agreed to help those who are hard of hearing.”

Jet Centre Manager, Wanda Donnan added: ”We were contacted by a number of customers who had asked if we would be able to provide this service.

“We explored many different options and also met with local groups and individuals with hearing impairments to find out how we could best meet their needs,” explained Jet Centre manager Wanda Donnan.

“We decided to hold two screenings a month – one for families and one for adults.

“This is a pilot project, so for the next few months we will be assessing the situation, and if it proves popular we hope to continue,” she added.

With digital technology many movies are able to project English language subtitles onto the screens. The movies showing at the Jet Centre will be listed on its website