Jigs and Reels for Boom Foundation!

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A handful of local men are taking on a challenge with a difference in aid of the Boom Foundation!

The Bannshes Adult Irish Dancers are busy training the hopefuls in the art of Irish dance for a special night to be held in the Magherabuoy House Hotel next 

The brave volunteers and their partners will perform in front of a celebrity panel in a bid to be crowned “Lord of the Dance”.

The event, ‘Jigs and Reels’, will take place on Saturday, February 6, tickets are £10.00 available from any of The Bannshes or members of Boom Foundation, or indeed any of the male performers.

Dancers taking part include: Aidan Boyle with Lauren Young, Matty McGill with Jackie Mc Cloy, Andrew Mc Knight with Imelda Law, Andy Lynn with Annette Young, Max Moore Wilson with Mary Jo Kurth, Dean Rankin with Louise Coyle, Rossana Morelli with Colm Mc Conville, Takunda Matsvimbo, Todd Moore Wilson and Laura Rankin.

The Boom Foundation is a charity set up by local girl Leona Rankin, in a bid to raise awareness of sarcoma cancer.

Leona set up the charity following the tragic death of her fiance Philip Wilson.

Sadly Philip died a few weeks before the pair were due to get married.

But, brave Leona, in a bid to help others suffering with the disease, founded The Boom Foundation in Philip’s memory.

To date, enormous amounts of money have been raised for patients suffering from Sarcoma, a rare cancer that affects the bone bone tissue.

The charity also provides support to families.