Joanne set to pass on her slimming tips

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Walking in to a Slimming World class in January 2014, Coleraine woman Joanne Hall’s life changed forever.

After losing an amazing FOUR stones in just 37 weeks and keeping it off ever since, Joanne has transformed not only her appearance but also her confidence and attitudes to food.

A typical “Yo-Yo” dieter all her life, Joanne joined Slimming World out of curiosity afterseeing her Christmas photos. 

“After the shock of seeing Christmas photos of myself I suddenly had the realisation that I was now the heaviest I had ever been. 

“I talked to friends who had already joined slimming world, achieving great results and I was curious to find out if it could work for me.”

After logging on to the Slimming World website, Joanne found her nearest class. 

“Now that I had decided to change my eating habits, I wanted to join a class as soon as possible so I couldn’t talk myself out of it”.

Though the first step was daunting, it was the best step Joanne made as the group warmly welcomed her in and explained how the Extra Easy Plan worked.  “I came home from class determined to give it my all and follow the plan to the letter.  I couldn’t understand how by eating potatoes, curries and chocolate I would lose weight.  But lose weight I did”.

In fact, after only one month in and her first stone gone, she was hooked with the healthy eating regime. 

Joanne found out that the beauty of Slimming World and the Extra Easy plan meant she could enjoy all the foods she loved, but it taught her how to do it in a healthy, nutritious, filling way. 

“My mum couldn’t believe I was eating so much and still losing weight. So much so, that she joined Slimming World and has lost over 1 stone to date,” told Joanne.

Since losing 4 stone Joanne now feels confident in becoming a consultant and last Saturday, she opened her own class!

“January will always be a special time of year for me, it was when I took the first step in losing weight and is now when I will open my very first class. 

“I cannot wait to support, encourage and inspire my members to make their 2016 weight loss resolutions a reality. 

“I will be with my members every step of the way. 

“Let’s make this January a memorable one for all the right reasons.

For more information on Slimming World, contact Joanne on 07715003842 about her Saturday morning group, 9.30am at West Bann Community Centre 8-10 Killowen Court, Coleraine