Keep it blue and don’t contaminate your bin

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COLERAINE residents are still experiencing problems with recycling and knowing what to put into their blue recycling bin for collection.

Coleraine Borough Council has designed an information leaflet, which clearly sets out all of the items that can be placed in the bin as as well as dates for collection.

Recycling in the borough has been achieving a 40% recycling rate - in line with the Northern Ireland average and targets set by Government.

As part of the campaign, people have been encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle even more rubbish, to save money and precious natural resources, reduce pollution, create jobs and generate income. Sending less rubbish to landfill makes sense for everyone and the environment.

Council say that the easiest and most convenient way to recycle rubbish is to use the blue bin, ensuring that everything placed in the bin needs to be empty, clean and dry.

Here’s what to put into the blue bin: glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles; plastic food containers; juice cartons; cardboard; paper; post (tearing out the plastic window in envelopes); phone directories; catalogues; food tins; drink cans; aerosols; and small electrical items and textiles - although Council also recommend that charity shops are given first choice.

However, there are still items which some residents are incorrectly placing in the blue bin. The refuse crews will not be able to empty the contaminated bin, as the recycling factory will not be able to accept it.

Some of the items which are not accepted include: plastic bags; plastic wrap; plastic packaging; plastic film; food; shredded paper; nappies; tissues or hard-backed books.

To save time and effort, it is important to follow the steps set out to recycle and only include those items in the leaflet.

Fiona Watters, Council’s Waste and Recycling Officer, told the Times: “Coleraine Borough residents are clearly committed to recycling and have welcomed the wide range of items we can now put in our blue bins. However, some materials are causing confusion.

“When our refuse crews find incorrect items in a blue bin they are unable to empty it. This leads to frustration for residents, but is easily solved once the incorrect items are removed and the bin is put out on the next blue bin day, although this could be the following fortnight.

“We are here to help everyone recycle as much as possible and only too happy to answer any questions if anyone is unsure about blue bin recycling.”

Residents are encouraged to keep a copy of their blue bin leaflet handy and refer to it regularly.

If any blue bins are not emptied, please check it does not contain any of the noted contaminated items. If residents are still unsure, please telephone the recycling helpline.

Home visits are also available if any resident is still unsure about getting the best from their blue bin recycling.