Kilrea’s RG is off to Nashville!

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He’s been described as one of Ireland’s biggest songwriters, and he was born and raised on the North Coast!

Kilrea man, Robyn G Shiels has the awards to prove his talents.

He won best solo artist at the Northern Ireland Music Awards in 2011, and last year he scooped the Northern Ireland Music Prize for his album ‘The Blood of Innocents’

This week, the proud Kilrea man, who has a flare with words is off to Nashville to take part in the American Music Festival which runs until September 20.

The Festival can boast over 165 live performances in venues across Nashville.

Speaking to The Times last week, Robyn told us more about his American trip.

“There’s myself, Maoljian, Arborist and Triona, and the trip has been funded by Generator NI, and the Arts Council.

“It’s basically a chance for us to showcase our work to an American crowd,” he said.

“I’ve always wanted to take my music further afield, so this is my opportunity, I was so glad to accept the invite.

“We’ll not only be playing, but we will also be taking part in workshops, so it’ll be a great opportunity for us all.”

Robyn will be performing at ‘The Bootleg BBQ’ which is part of the American Music Festival.

He and the Northern Ireland artists will be one of three showcasing artists on the night.

“The artists from Northern Ireland will be doing two or three songs each, accompanied by the other, well, that’s the plan anyway,” he joked.

“We are all very much looking forward to it,

“I reckon we should go down well.

“Between the four of us there’s all kinds of countrified tunes to suit the mood of the Nashville crowd,” said the Kilrea man.

Things are looking bright for the talented singer songwriter.

His song ‘Hello Death’ has been chosen by David Holmes for the sound track of the movie ‘Cherrybomb’.

Robyn is also working on his new EP, which is due for release later next year.

“Thing are going well at the minute.

“It’s been busy, between gigs and writing, it’s hectic, but we found time to perform a Radio Ulster radio session on Lynette Faye show recently, it went really well.”

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