Kilrea woman appeals for help for Malawi

A KILREA woman has appealed to the people to help Malawi’s orphaned children.

The economic plight at home together with political instability and crop failure in Malawi in Central Africa has presented particular problems for orphan children of which there are many.

Anne Dallat from Kilrea - the wife of local SDLP MLA John, who has been to Malawi many times, has organised a Charity Dance in the Marian Hall, Kilrea on Thursday, May 10 to raise badly needed money to get what she described as ‘her adopted children’ over the current crisis.

Anne told The Coleraine Times: “So much good work has been done in Malawi in recent years including the building of a school and the setting up of self-help groups create jobs but the international financial crisis has impacted badly on the economy of this tiny country in one of the poorest parts of the world.

“Fuel is virtually impossible to find making it increasingly difficult for relief workers to travel out to the remote bush areas that I am very familiar with. Food has been taxed by the government which is increasingly unpopular leading to civil unrest and despair. The death of the president and the uncertainty which followed hasn’t helped.

“I am in daily contact with those who can bring immediate help if only I can find the money. Within ten minutes it is possible to electronically transfer money for immediate help for those in greatest need and the reality is that if you have money it is still possible to find basic items like food.

“I have received a lot of support locally and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this dance will bring badly need help to some of the most wonderful children in the world who don’t deserve to be starving and deprived of the most basic needs which should be their right if the world was more equal.”

PLEASE HELP...Anne Dallat pictured during a trip to Malawi. CR17-191s