Knit one, purl one for Hospice!

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Any one visiting Coleraine coffee chain Starbucks on a Thursday morning may have noticed a talented group of ladies knitting as they sip their coffee.

The Starbucks Knitting Club was set up back in March and can now boast around 15 members.

When we joined them for coffee last Thursday morning there was an array of items under creation - socks, a baby cardigan, a cushion, a doll, and even a nativitiy scene for Christmas.

The ladies have been putting their talents to good use and have knit around 200 cup holders, which are being sold to Starbucks customers in aid of the Northern Ireland Hospice.

Backed by the staff of the popular coffee chain, the group meet weekly to knit and more importantly have a good old natter.

One of the founder members, Andrea Oland, who owns the nearby wool shop explained: “Starbucks actually came up with the idea to host a knitting group.

“They then asked me if I would put up a poster in my shop, and the rest they say is history. We started with five or six members and now we have around 15 ladies who come weekly.

“We had a nine year old boy who joined us a few weeks back, knitting has really become fashionable again.”

Andrea added: “It’s a social thing too, many new friendship have been made and it also gives us an opportunity to share patterns.

“I know that many of the members have learned new ways to knit through the group.”

Gillian Hartin, from Starbucks was full of praise for the group: “Northern Ireland Hospice is our chosen charity for the year.

“When we came up with the idea of the knitted cup holders we weren’t sure how it would go dowm, but they have been really popular, and I know that many customers have requested certain colours from the group.

“We haven’t totalled up exactly how much they have raised but I am sure that we have sold at least 200 cup holders, for a minimum £1 donation.”

Gillian went on to thank the members, in particular Jackie and Andrea for setting up the group. “They have went out of their way to support our charity this year, I just hope that their group continues to grow,” she said.