Latest: Lifeguards in dramatic Portrush rescue

RNLI Lifeguards, Bosco McAuley, Ali Boyd and Stephen Parish
RNLI Lifeguards, Bosco McAuley, Ali Boyd and Stephen Parish

Lifeguards saved two body boarders who got into trouble during a heavy swell at the mouth of a cave in Portrush on Sunday.

Stephen Parish, Ali Boyd and Bosco McAuley, sprang into action when the alarm was raised by a member of the public around 4.30pm.

Ali drove the Rescue Water Craft while Bosco McAuley accompanied him as crew to the mouth of a cave at the east end of Whiterocks beach where the two body boarders had managed to scramble onto rocks.

But the heavy swell made it impossible to bring the rescue craft close to the trapped pair.

With the waves breaking over the men’s heads, the lifeguards waited until there was a lull in the set before Bosco jumped into the water and swam to the rocks.

The first man went into the water and was brought by Bosco to the waiting rescue craft. The three of them immediately returned to shore before the two lifeguards headed straight back to the scene to recover the second casualty.

By this time the second man was showing signs of exhaustion and the lifeguards kept a tight hold of him as they recovered him, with Bosco once again swimming out to him while Ali kept the rescue water craft close-by, circling to ensure he stayed clear of the waves and avoided the rocks.

When back on shore both men were brought to the Lifeguard hut and were administered casualty care.