Leap Year Day progress for the Village Beautiful Project

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LAST Wednesday saw Castlerock’s Village Beautiful Project, which is sponsored under its Measure 3.5 by the Rural Development Programme and assisted by Coleraine Borough Council, notching up a number of significant milestones, as it embarks upon its second season.

The first item to make its very considerable presence felt recently was the new, imposing structure on the Hezlett Property’s allotment area, destined to serve a dual purpose as a community enclosure and as a polytunnel and designed to service both the Village Beautiful Project and the many new horticultural initiatives.

Leap Year Day marked a very special landmark for other aspects of the Project. The picnic benches and tables were due to arrive in the village and the Project as a whole was also being given a considerable boost by a team of National Trust staff, who used the free volunteering day the National Trust was allowing them for the Leap Year, to come in and, like the fairy helpers of yore, to labour all day in the service of this particular good cause.

Their efforts were directed towards a number of tasks, including the clearing and final levelling of the site where the old Golf Hotel, fondly remembered by many in the village and far around, once proudly stood.

They also provided the muscles to help with unloading the bench seats and picnic table set, when they were delivered by Simon McArthur of Alpine Decks, who had undertaken the commission to make these items to order.

Castlerock Community Association is deeply grateful to all those involved, who are lending their time and labour on an ongoing basis, in order to ensure that the Village Beautiful continues to make great strides forward.