Learn what your feet say about you...

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TV celebrity foot reader Jane Sheehan is bringing her fascinating seminar series to the north coast early next year.

During a practical workshop she will teach the techniques used to ‘read’ personality traits and emotions in the feet.

The seminar will teach how feet reveal your strengths - and also your weaknesses - and any hidden potential or undervalued talents.

According to Jane, by learning what your feet say about you, you can use that information as a tool for personal development and growth. 

Her seminars in Ireland form part of her regular international seminar series, where she has taught her skills in the USA, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Jane will share the secrets of foot reading at the seminars which will benefit anyone who has an interest in reflexology or personal development.

As well as offering qualified reflexologists a way to holistically enhance their knowledge, Jane’s seminars will give everyone, therapists and muggles alike, the opportunity to learn an unusual skill that will allow them to consider their own personal development and growth from a completely unexpected source whilst having lots of fun and insights about themselves in the process.

Jane says: “We are all used to changing our facial expressions and hiding our true feelings, but we can’t do that with our feet – they tell the truth.

“Simply by analysing the shapes of feet and toes, we can tell an awful lot about a person. By using the guidelines I teach in my seminars, you can amaze your family and friends by exposing their hidden selves.

“You can also take it further and use foot reading as a self-help guide to improving your control over you own life. It’s a great tool for personal development.”

Jane launched her full-time foot reading career in April 2005 with her first appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’.

She has since made regular return appearances with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield and was recently asked to read comedian Alan Carr’s feet (and his dayglo orange nail varnish!) as well as Holly and Phillip’s.

Internationally, she has appeared on The Afternoon Show on RTE, Sama TV in Dubai, Inside San Diego and Fox in the Morning in California and Channel 9 in Australia.

Her first book, ‘Let’s Read Our Feet!’ (now on its second edition) illustrates how the toes and shape of the foot signify fears, feelings and personality traits.

For example, if the second toe does not touch the floor, that person has lost their way in life and are not getting what they want anymore, but may not be aware of what it is they actually DO want.

Puffiness at the base of the fourth toe indicates problems in relationships that they want to talk about but aren’t doing. If the big toe bends towards the little toe, that person is doing too much for others and not enough for themselves. This can be tested by the changes in that toe when they start to find time for their own interests - the toe will start to move back.

Jane will be hold a local seminar at the The Enchanted Holistic and Development Centre, Ballymoney, on Saturday and Sunday, January 28-29.