Lifeguards come to aid of collapsed teenager

Teenage boy collapsed at Whiterocks beach.
Teenage boy collapsed at Whiterocks beach.

RNLI lifeguards in Portrush have treated a teenage boy who collapsed on Whiterocks Beach on Tuesday afternoon.

At approximately 3.25pm, Senior Lifeguard Jamie Russell was on quad patrol of the beach when he observed one of a group of teenagers had collapsed at the bottom of the sand dunes.

Weather conditions at the time were overcast and dry with a cross wind blowing. There were approximately 60 people on the beach and 20 more in the water.

Jamie immediately returned to the patrol zone and liaised with his fellow lifeguards who ensured the beach remained open and bathers were safe.

On scene, Jamie observed that the teenager was unresponsive but breathing. On assessing his condition, Jamie transferred the casualty to the nearby beach lifeguard unit where he immediately administered first aid which required providing him with oxygen.

Jamie continued to monitor the teenager’s progress every two minutes using his casualty care training until the local rapid response paramedic arrived.

Following the arrival of an ambulance to the beach, the casualty was then transferred to the Causeway Coast Hospital in Coleraine.

Speaking following the incident, RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor Karl O’Neill said: “Jamie did a great job to quickly spot that someone was in danger today and as a result was able to go to the casualty’s assistance immediately.

“Two of our other lifeguards meanwhile maintained patrol of the beach. This incident highlights how invaluable the lifeguards casualty care training is and shows how the RNLI’s first aid equipment can be used to such good effect on the beach.

“We would like to wish the teenage boy a speedy recovery from his ordeal.”