Line up revealed for Traks reunion this Saturday!

The scene is set for what is promising to be one of the most atmospheric nights of 2015, with the Traks Reunion, this Saturday, June 27.

The line up incldues Steve Graham, Brian Moore, the inimitable DJ X-Ray and special guest Darren Styles.

The event is taking place at the nightclub attached to the Magherabuoy Hotel in Portrush, and anticipation has been steadily mounting ever since the news broke in these columns.

The Portrush nightclub was one of the biggest in the country and throughout its rich history hosted celebrities such as Samantha Fox, Dirty Den, stars from Coronation Street and Hollyoaks and some of the greatest DJs in the world.

It was in Traks that Tiesto made his Northern Ireland debut and names such as Kutski, Scot Project, Johan Gielen and Alex Kidd were synonymous with the Portrush venue.