Liz is boxing clever for the Katie D Foundation

Chris Napier and Liz Lamont at Iron Fist Gym, Ballymoney
Chris Napier and Liz Lamont at Iron Fist Gym, Ballymoney

Ballymoney’s Liz Lamont is well known for her skills on the hockey pitch, however now she is turning her talents to the boxing ring as she prepares to take part in the White Collar Fight Night for the Katie D Foundation.

Liz will join 19 other fighters, including Katie’s Mum Lynda Wright and Mark Donnell on April 16th at Ballybrakes Bowling Club, Ballymoney.

With training well underway Liz spoke about her reasons for stepping into the square ring.

“There have been other white collar fight nights and I had often thought I would have liked to try that and then I was in at Iron Fist Gym one night when Rosie, the owner, said to me would you like to take part in the White Collar Boxing. We were in Spin and I stopped the spin bike and said ‘are you for real’ and she said ‘of course!’

“So I agreed and went home that night and slept on it and got up the enxt day and thought what have I agreed to. I had seen the Katie D Foundation on facebook but I didn’t know anything about her and then it turns out one of the girls I trained with was her mother Lynda and one of the men who used to come in to the bar I worked in was John Donell, her great uncle. When I found that out I thought I definitely want to do this because it made it more personal. I also read Katie’s story and thought this is something I have to do.

“We have been training two nights a week then sparring on Sunday since the end of January and we will do 12 weeks in total. It’s much tougher than I thought it was going to be. It’s hard but really good and much more mental than I thought because some of the people you are sparring with are your mates.

“The first time I sparred was with Chris and it really makes you think ‘can I do this?’

“It was pretty scarey because it was the first time you had the head guard on and he was right in your face.

“I’m getting used to getting hit now and its great. It’s entertaining, it’s an adrenaline rush, it’s way more than I ever thought it would be.

“I will definitely keep the training up afterwards and I would recommend doing something like this to anyone.

“Its great for weight loss and the big bonus is it helps the Katie D Foundation.”