Local caravan owners unite against crime

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Coleraine Borough Council is working with local police in a new initiative to help stamp out crime and anti-social behaviour at caravan sites throughout the borough.

The new campaign warns potential thieves to think twice before entering or damaging caravan property, it further advises the general public to be cautious handling goods not bought through an official retailer.

Coleraine Policing and Community Safety Partnership Chair Councillor David Barbour, said: “Caravan Watch is a new scheme designed to educate caravan owners in crime prevention measures by helping to reduce the opportunity of property theft from Caravan sites in the North Coast area.

“Caravan crime has been identified by the Police Service of Northern Ireland as a growing concern especially during the autumn and winter months. Council is working with the local PSNI to deter criminals from committing offences and assisting caravan owners to take positive measures in securing their property.

“Caravan Watch will provide free services to caravan owners such as free text alerts on holiday home crime, free membership to a neighbourhood watch scheme, free security pens and stickers for security marking property and valuables.

“This free security offer is available for all of the approximate 3,500 caravans within the Borough. I’d encourage anyone owning a static caravan in the Borough to contact their Caravan Site Office in order to participate in this scheme.

“Goods within caravans will be security marked and identifiable to the PSNI which could lead to prosecution if detected as stolen property.”

For further information on ‘Caravan Watch’ please contact Coleraine Borough Council’s Policing and Community Safety Officer Melissa Lemon on 028 7034 7034 or visit www.colerainebc.gov.uk