Local Council 
issues stray dogs warning

The Boxer and Rottweiler dogs found straying at Somerset Forest.
The Boxer and Rottweiler dogs found straying at Somerset Forest.

Following a report that two stray dogs were found in Somerset Forest at Castleroe, Coleraine Borough Council is reminding the public about its Dog Warden services for unwanted dogs.

Dave Sexton, Dog Warden at Coleraine Borough Council said, “It is important everyone is aware of the importance of not abandoning a dog or letting a dog 
become stray.

“On Sunday, December 21, Dog Wardens were alerted to a situation in which two dogs, a Boxer and a Rottweiler, were found running stray around the 
Castleroe area.

“The Boxer was found to be micro-chipped to a previous owner who had sold the dog on.The Rottweiler was not micro-chipped and required urgent 
veterinary treatment.

“Both dogs had no identification. A Council Warden took the stray dogs to Margaret at Grahams Kennels, where it is hoped they can be rehomed if unclaimed.

“This case highlights the need for everyone to be mindful of the responsibilities dog ownership involves, especially during Christmas. I am appealing on behalf of Council, that if anyone has a difficulty looking after a dog, please contact a member of Council’s Dog Warden Team before allowing your dog to become stray.

“A Council Warden can arrange to call and pick up your dog. Dog owners should also be aware that they are liable for a fixed penalty fine and could face prosecution if their dog is found to be stray, or is found without a licence or identification.

Council provides a free micro-chipping service. Dog owners are required to have their dog micro-chipped before licensing, ensuring their dog has identification on 
it at all times.

Council’s dog re-homing facility is located in Articlave and is available for anyone who wishes to give a dog a loving home.