Local holiday favourite Albufeira devastated

Popular holiday destination Albufeira has been devastated by flooding this week, with parts of the Old Town ruined by heavy rainfall.

Shops, bars, restaurants and clubs have all been damaged and forced to close in the floods, with the town’s main square under water as of yesterday.

Thousands of people from Derry, Donegal and County Derry jet off to Albufeira via Faro Airport each year.

It’s popularity among local people swelled after Ryanair began operating flights from City of Derry Airport to Faro several years ago, with an expanded City of Derry to Faro flights programme currently on sale for 2016.

Startled holiday makers from across Europe have been uploading footage of the floods from the Algarve, which have claimed the life of one 79-year-old man and resulted in some people being evacuated from hotels and homes.

The flash floods struck the coast of Portugal on Sunday, and the Portugal News is reporting that the freak storms resulted in commuters being delayed with delays at Faro airport and train stations as well as road closures.

The beaches of the old town in Albufeira before the flooding.

The beaches of the old town in Albufeira before the flooding.