Local kids showcase their stage skills

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At the end of term it is the great pleasure of the Class Act Drama Academy, to present performances from all students to allow them to share their extraordinary gifts and new-found abilities with family, friends and their local community, a recent performance from the Coleraine class did just that in the Coleraine West Community Centre.

The Lower Primary class, aged 4 -8, opened the show with super voice-work ending with two hilarious poems, frenetic movement skills and lively improvisation all of which delighted their enthralled audience.

The Upper Primary class, aged 9 – 11, continued proceedings with further vocal development and demanding poetry, detailed and precise physical skills and improvisation, scripts and monologue pieces. Their outstanding performances were thoroughly appreciated by the whole audience.

The Youth Theatre class, aged 11 – 18, took to the stage with their performance pieces ranging from clowning and classic poetry to modern play excerpts, superb

monologues and thoughtfully staged improvisations.

The strengths of the youth theatre cast were fully conveyed through outstanding character work that shone through in each individual’s performance and the perfect cohesion of the ensemble performances.

During the awards ceremony following the performances when all students received certificates,medals and trophies for their achievements, Lisa Semple, Executive Principal of the Academy said: “The talent the young people in Coleraine display and develop in our classes week by week is outstanding.

“Our extensive and demanding theatre arts curriculum works effectively on so many levels that our students’ progress so quickly in terms of developing and honing theatre skills, it is enough to make your head spin! Class Actors are real superstars in the making.