Local man praises Loreto College pupils for honesty

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A local man has paid tribute to the “maturity” of Coleraine schoolchildren after almost losing a large sum in cash from his wallet in the town centre.

James Battersby e-mailed The Coleraine Times to praise Loreto College pupils for being honest and responsible.

He said: “A big thanks to the Loreto College students that were outside of Starbucks on Tuesday, January 22 for being the mature, responsible people that they are.

“I’d been carrying a bundle of cash in my wallet and was making my way from the bank to the travel agents to exchange the money for some foreign currency.

“Unbeknown to me, the bundle of money came free from my wallet and apparently fluttered around in the streets. If it had fallen to other less than honest people, I’d more than likely have never seen the money again We’re going through a recession after all!.

“Thanks also to the man who informed me that my money and I had parted ways. I really appreciate it. It’s times like that when you realise there are still good, upstanding people out there.”