London NISC release single and you might know a few singers!

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The London Green and White Army has released a charity single, and there’s a few local faces you might recognise in the video.

Due to be released later this week, the single will aid the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.

And the fans, who idolise Michael O’Neill and his men, are hoping that ‘Norn Iron’ fans from across the world will be belting out the words in France when they are proudly supporting ‘Our Wee Country’ in the European Championships.

Proud Coleraine man Neal Anderson, a founding member of the Supporters’ Club, and the current Chairman, spoke to Times Sport this week.

“The idea came from Fermanagh man Richard Cathcart.

“It all started out in Bucharest in October 2014, just before our game with Romania.

“Richard penned the lyrics to the song, to the tune of ‘Living Next Door to Alice’ - ‘for in twenty sixteen we’ll be making our way to Paris’.

“He revisited it again back in October when we qualified and it’s all really taken off from there,” joked Neal.

“All of the members of the Club have been involved, in the singing, in the video, the design of the CD cover - and it’s been great craic.”

Neal explained that the Club meets in a popular London sports bar called Philomena’s in Covent Garden.

“It’s like being home, but in London,” joked Neal.

“The bar manager is Chris Booth from Bushmills, but there was other locals involved in the song - Roy O’Brien and Nicole McPherson, who is a student in London.

“It’s always good to hear an Northern Ireland accent, and you always find that in Philomena’s,” said Richard who also follows Coleraine.

“I’ve been in there and watched a few Coleraine games too,” he added.

“The bar hosted the official launch of the single so we are hoping to raise as much as we can for the charity.

“I know that the they have a lodge for families on the outskirts of Coleraine, so it’s good to helping a charity close to Coleraine,” he said.

Fermanagh man, Richard, who now lives in Chiswick, is pinching himeself that his idea has led to the single.

“It was such an amazing feeling to know that after 30 years long years we’d again have the chance to compete in a major tournament,” he said.

“Then someone asked on the popular Our Wee Country online fans forum if there would be a song.

“That was the catalyst for me to contact my good friend and professional musician Steve Wegrzynski, and it’s all snowballed from there,” he joked.

‘Making Our Way to Paris’ is available direct from, as well as download.

For a preview and a look at the video - visit our website

The London NISC is made up of well over 300 NI fans from across London and SE England.

“Most of the members will be in France at some point over the summer.

“Many are making a holiday out of it, whilst others are just flying in and out for the games. My second child is due in May, so I’m flying in and out for the games,” revealed Neal.

Cancer Fund for Children fundraiser, Andy Boal, said: “The charity relies on fundraising activity in order to continue providing vital support services for families affected by cancer. Any funds raised through the sale of this single will make a genuine difference to these families. Our team of specialists helps families cope with the impact cancer has on their lives by supporting them during and after treatment and sadly in some cases, bereavement. It’s great to be associated with this fun project. We wish the travelling green and white army every success at Euro 2016.”