Look out for champions!

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NI Water staff have been transformed into environmental champions in a bid to educate customers on better flushing habits and how to save water.

NI Water team member and environmental champion, Angela Knott from Coleraine, will be out and about near you educating the public about NI Water’s key environmental initiatives in the coming months.

Angela is one of seventeen champions from across NI Water who will be informing and educating school pupils, community groups and the general public, on NI Water’s environmental campaigns including water efficiency and ‘The Dirty Dozen’.

Each person in Northern Ireland uses approximately 155 litres of water each a day, much of which is wasted. The champions will be encouraging the public to “Use Water Wisely” by turning off the tap when brushing their teeth, having a shower instead of a bath and using a watering can, not a hose, when watering the garden.

The champions will be promoting NI Water’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ campaign.

Every day hundreds of disposable items such as baby wipes, cleaning wipes, cotton buds and nappies get flushed down the toilet, blocking our sewerage systems and sometimes ending up on our beaches.

Angela is a community environmental champion focusing on bringing these important messages to community groups and events. Other champions will concentrate on primary or secondary groups.