Magilligan Prison: Engaging the North West

Following the announcement from Justice Minister David Ford to retain and redevelop Magilligan Prison, Causeway Chamber arranged for representatives of Causeway Chamber to meet and engage with the Northern Ireland Prison Service.

The NIPS is keen to build on its consultation on an Estate Strategy and on an Employability Strategy to further engage and develop links with the business and wider community. The aspiration of the NIPS with the help of the local business community is to help identify work and training opportunities for those in custody. By providing these opportunities this will assist in the preparation of those in custody for release and helping them settle back into the community.

The NIPS therefore provides for those in custody training in the various workshops within the grounds including joinery, steel work, recycling, print, embroidery and horticulture to name a few. They also have access to a range of educational courses; with for example a total of 112 inmates awarded higher education qualifications in the last 3 years. Many of those leaving Magilligan have also gone onto third level education and have made a success of their lives.

If you would like to find out how your business or community can engage with NIPS please contact Annette Deighan on 028 7034 3111 or email