Make a New Year’s resolution that counts says Barnardo’s

BARNARDO’S is encouraging people to make a New Year’s resolution that counts and consider volunteering in their local Barnardo’s store in Coleraine.

The children’s charity is looking for people to help raise millions of pounds towards the services it provides for children and young people whilst gaining skills of their own.

The charity points out that volunteers can gain a lot from working in its retail arm.

John Ellis, Barnardo’s Head of Retail Volunteering said: “Our shops are incredibly important in terms of fundraising, but they are also very professionally run and volunteers can gain valuable experience and a lot of enjoyment out of joining their local store team.

“Volunteering is ideal no matter what your age, whether you are looking to improve your CV for a career change or plump up your personal statement for college and university entries. It’s also a great way to build confidence and improve your social circle as you will get the opportunity to try new things and meet people from all walks of live who come together in support of Barnardo’s.”

To find out more about volunteering in Coleraine’s Stone Row store or any of Barnardo’s stores across the UK or to apply, please pop into your local Barnardo’s store or visit the website at