Making a Splish, Splash, Splosh in the sea for two charities

Two Coleraine couples are looking forward to seeing in 2014 with a bracing dip in the north Atlantic sea!

No, it’s not a novel cure for a New Year’s Day hangover but a fantastic charity fundraiser for SANDS and the Alzheimer’s Society.

This is the second year of the seaside stunt which is entitled Splish, Splash, Splosh!

It was started last year by Donal and his wife Elaine and their close friends Cathy McColgan and Karl Smith.

The couples met through their involvement in Portrush Music Society so they decided to rope in some “willing” volunteers from the Society to join them in their New Year’s Dip.

Donal told the Times: “Statistics show that one in six pregnancies in Northern Ireland don’t survive.

“That is a really shocking statistic and SANDS are a charity that you don’t really hear about until you need them. Then they come along and very quietly support parents.

“The money raised in last year’s Splish Splash Splosh enabled the local branch of SANDS to provide care boxes to give to parents whose children pass away. “The boxes are invaluable as they come with a disposable camera, keepsake book and knitted clothing - at a time when parents are so distressed they may not be thinking of such things.”

If anyone would like to take part in the event or to sponsor Donal, then they can email him for more information on