Mams and prams: Meet the fit mums!

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Meet the yummy mummies of the Causeway Coast!

The first time mums, who enjoy exercise, meet weekly for a natter and a brisk walk in a bid to get the heart pumping.

When local mum Janetha Irvine put a post on facebook looking to meet with new mums who were interested in fitness, she was surprised with the feedback.

“The page ‘Fit Mums Causeway Coast’ got 200 odd likes in the space of 24 hours. I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

“Like myself, going to a fitness class, or even the gym isn’t always feasible for mums. So I came up with the idea of meeting for a walk - and that way you can bring along your child.”

As I met the new mums last Wednesday at a sunny Arcadia in Portrush, they had just finished their 2.3 mile walk, and were taking part in some stretches.

“There’s also the social aspect,” said Julie, who is mum to nine-week-old Faye.

“It’s good to get out to meet other mums too.”

Janetha added: “At the first meeting, held in Portrush we had 19 mums attending, obviously it’s weather dependent, so often I just put up a post in the morning when I know the weather is to be good.
“Today we had six mums, all first time mums with their children, ranging from nine weeks to seven months.”

As someone who enjoys fitness, Janetha warns that the group don’t doddle!

“I will say that we don’t doddle we walk quickly, “ she joked. “I try to get a route that has hills and flat surfaces. I have to make sure the route is suitable for prams.”

So far the mums, who come from across the North Coast, have met in Portrush, but Janetha says that she will consider other venues.

“Portrush seems to be central for most people, but I am open to suggestions.”

Are you interested in joining the ‘fit mums’ - for more information search ‘fit mums causeway coast’ on facebook.