Marconi Radio Group to feature on ‘Kist o Words’

Ballycastle’s Marconi Radio Group will feature on the BBC Radio Ulster programme Kist O Wurds at 6.30pm this Sunday.

Broadcaster John Watt has been along to the wee room in the house of Kevin McAuley known as the ‘Radio shack’.

John will be talking to Kevin about the work of Marconi during 1898 and about amateur radio today.

Since A Kist o Wurds began in 2002, it has been BBC Northern Ireland’s longest-running Ulster-Scots radio programme.

Each week it features a selection of music, poetry, news and craic from all over the country. Tune into BBC Radio Ulster and find out more about the language, culture, literary traditions and history of Ulster-Scots on Sunday next at 1803hrs just after the evening news.