Massive shake-up of post-primary schools proposed as consultation begins

THE North Eastern Education and Library Board has begun consulting on the future of post-primary schools in the Coleraine area.

Extensive discussion has taken place with schools and governors in schools in the area over past months about Area Based Planning. Schools have made submissions to the Board which have assisted in the formulation of four options which are being released for further consideration by schools and the wider public.

The Board’s Senior Education Officer, Mr Ray Gilbert, commented, “I have been delighted with the excellent discussions that have taken place as possible options for post primary school provision in these areas have been developed and I look forward to hearing views on these proposals as we aim to shape the education provision for the current and future generations of young people in Coleraine.”

This phase of consultation will take place up to the end of October 2012, following which the Board will produce proposals for school provision in each area.

The NEELB was keen to stress that: “No firm recommendations regarding future provision have yet been made.”

Plans for the Coleraine area have been developed through engagement between the North Eastern Education and Library Board, school principals, Boards of Governors, the Catholic Council for Maintained Schools and the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education.

The Board also conducted meetings with public representatives, Trade Unions (teaching and non-teaching), learning communities and individual schools.

The options which form the basis of this consultation were drawn from submissions received from schools and colleges in the Coleraine area.