Mayor speaks out after attack on his home

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The Mayor of Coleraine has made an official statement following the attack on his home earlier this week.

DUP councillor George Duddy described the attack on his home as an attack on his community.

“This is a mindless act of vandalism and I totally condemn the actions of the people who did it.

“The people of Coleraine work hard to ensure it is a good place to live and bring up their children, this type of activity is not welcome.

“The perpetrators of these sectarian hate crimes have nothing to gain for themselves in continuing these cowardly acts. They have nothing to offer the community in Coleraine and will certainly not deter me from my resposnsibilies as Mayor of Coleraine.

“We estimate the cost of the vandalism will be in excess of £2000. This is not only an attack on myself but on my community.

“My immediate concern is obviously for that of my neighbours who have suffered as a result of this meaningless act. A lady who relies on her car to do important work in the community is now without a vehicle and a group of elderly people have been left feeling vulnerable in their homes, this should never happen.

“Community relations throughout the Borough of Coleraine is very good and continues to grow. It is a town moving forward. These handful of individuals are in the minority and will not deter the good relations communities have worked so hard to build up.

“I therefore urge people to continue to work together to stamp out this type of sectarian behavior for good.

“Finally I would ask anyone with information on who might be responsible for this crime to get in touch with the police on 101.”