McCandless welcomes lane way repairs

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UUP councillor William McCandless has praised a local businessman for his ‘civic pride’ after he repaired a lane way in Coleraine.

The UUP councillor said that his office had recived compliants about the condition of the lane between Railway Road and Railway Place car park.

“Thank you to Adrian Cassidy of AMC Developments for taking initiative and civic pride in repairing the lane way which affords access from Railway Road to Railway Place car park.

“Our office had received numerous complaints requesting repairs to the lane, and we had reported this to Transport N.I. on 18 January - their final deadline to respond on ownership was 8 February, to date no information as been served.

“Adrian who has a property nearby but has no ownership of the lane has responded with positive action to repair the lane at his own expense so it can be used safely by all members of the public.”