McDaid family deserve answers - Dallat

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SDLP East Londonderry MLA John Dallat said the McDaid family has been denied justice and called for a “thorough investigation”.

Speaking last week Mr Dallat said: “This decision on the McDaid case makes it imperative that there is the most thorough independent investigation into the whole sorry saga which led to the death of Kevin McDaid,” he said.

“Serious questions have not been answered as to why the police did not stop the mob which drove from a pub in Newmarket Street and crossed the River Bann to attack Kevin and others in the Waterside. Why were the back-up police apparently stood down and why was there not a proper assessment made of the number of attackers which had assembled in Newmarket Street before launching their invasion of Somerset Drive and adjoining streets. The outcomes of this case only emphasise the need for answers as to why the attack took place in the first place and why the police were remarkable for their absence.”

Mr Dallat said the McDaid family deserve answers: “I don’t believe this outcome can be left hanging because there has been a failure to prevent the incident in the first place.”