McGlinchey’s comments have ‘traumatised’ victims: Robinson

DUP MLA'S George Robinson and Adrian McQuillan.
DUP MLA'S George Robinson and Adrian McQuillan.

East Londonderry MLA George Robinson has said that comments made by Sinn Fein councillor Sean McGlinchey in a council meeting last month, have ‘traumatised’ the survivors of the Railway Road bomb.

In a meeting of Causeway Coast and Glens Council in September, the Sinn Fein councillor told those present that he was ‘proud to be an ex-IRA man’.

Speaking this week, MLA Robinson said: “Having been a member of local government for a long number of years, I was stunned to hear of the outburst in the council chamber.

“I believe that the code of conduct for councillors was broken and fully support my colleagues in seeking the Ombudsman to investigate his “proud to be an ex IRA man” comments.

“I feel deeply sorry for the survivors, victims and their families, as the comments have only served to re-traumatise them.

“What is disgusting is that cllr McGlinchey not only carried out the original bombing, but also caused this additional hurt and upset to all those involved.

“It is obvious he is unrepentant of his previous actions, and this begs the question is he a fit person to hold elected office?,” concluded Mr Robinson.