McGlinchey’s ‘IRA’ comments won’t be investigated

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Ulster Unionist councillors have hit out at the Northern Ireland Ombudsman’s decision not to investigate a complaint about comments made by Limavady Sinn Fein councillor Sean McGlinchey.

UUP councillor William McCandless said: “Back in September the Ulster Unionist group on Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council voiced its disgust and dismay at the outburst from Sinn Fein councillor and former Mayor of Limavady Council Sean McGlinchey, who stated in a debate that he was ‘a proud ex IRA man.

“We made a complaint to the Ombudsman on the grounds that Councillor McGlinchey had breached the local Government Code of Conduct for councillors and have now received a response.

“Quite frankly, the Ombudsman has demonstrated cowardice by refusing to investigate the complaint.

“There can be no question that a Councillor who planted a bomb that killed six people; and who uses the Council Chamber of the very same town in which that atrocity was committed to declare himself a proud member of the organisation responsible for that atrocity; has brought the office of councillor into disrepute. No sensible person would say that he acted in a way as to increase respect for the office he holds.

“We said at the time that this statement was utterly shameful and completely inexcusable and this is obviously a view we still hold.

“The people of Coleraine will greet the Ombudsman’s decision with the derision and contempt which it deserves.”