McQuillan ‘disgusted’ by Somme parade determination

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DUP MLA Adrian McQuillan has claimed that the decision by the Parades Commission to alter the route of next Wednesday’s Battle of the Somme parade in Coleraine is biased.

He said: “I am totally disgusted by this decision to disallow this parade to take the route it has always taken.

“I think the Parades Commission determination is unfair and unjustified.

“Consideration has not been given to the significance of this parade, nor to the efforts of the Loyal Orders.

“This decision sides with a minority section of the community, who caused disruption and hostility.

“The parade organisers have to suffer these restrictions because of their bad behaviour.

“Bearing in mind this parade has taken place for many years without any trouble this decision, based on one act of disruption is unfair. I have supported this parade for many years and will continue for future years”