McQuillan hopeful for staff and residents of Garvagh care home

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East Londonderry MLA Adrian McQuillan has said that the news of a possible repreive for the Four Seasons care home in garvagh is ‘very positive’.

Speaking to The Times, the DUP man said that if the sale completes, then permanent staff in the home would transfer to the new operator, and that residents would remain in the Garvagh home.

“This gives staff and residents, and indeed their families some hope,” said McQuillan.

“Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that something will happen.

“I have made many visits to this home and it is very clear that the staff at the Kilrea Road home are second to none.

“They have a good relationship with the residents and their families.

“The residents there are well looked after. The home has a specialist dementia unit, something that is very beneficial to residents.

“As one of the biggest employers in the Garvagh area any closure would be a big blow.

“I am hopeful that the sale will be completed,” he said.