Members back animal cruelty motion

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Members of Causeway Coast and Glens’ Environmental Services Committee have backed a motion against animal cruelty.

The motion was tabled by TUV councillor Sharon McKillop and read: “That this council believes that there is a responsibility on animal owners to treat their pets swith dignity and repudiates all forms of animal abuse including local incidents of dog baiting.

“Furthermore we call upon the PSNI and the courts to treat such incidents with the severity they deserve. Council encourages anyone with information about such incidents to immediately comes forward so that those responsible can be brought to justice.”

Cllr George Duddy seconded the motion saying that council dog wardens do an “outstanding job” but need more information on puppy farming which, he said, “is happening in and around our borough”.

Cllr Sam Cole agreed saying that, in his opinion, anyone convicted of animal cruelty should have pet ownership restricted.

Cllr Gerry Mullan said he was happy to support the amendment, saying that there are many aspects of animal cruelty, such as dog baiting which he described as “despicable”. The amendment was passed.