Members critical of tourism funding

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An UUP councillor has said that Council made ‘a hash’ of tourism events 
grant funding.

At last Tuesday night’s meeting, councillor William McCandless spoke about groups who had missed out on small 
grants funding.

Members had originally agreed to give a discretionary payment to each unsuccessful applicant in this transitional year, with no precedent being set for future years, however this was halted following 
legal advise.

“Groups like Portrush Summer Theatre are being left with a deficit this year,” said 
councillor McCandless.

“I would make an appeal that help is offered to groups like this in the future. I have been a few times this summer and this theatre is very well supported.”

The councillor also mentioned Limavady Show, which had also missed out on funding.

“We are keen to attract visitors to this area, but let’s make sure they’ve something to see.”

Fellow Ulster Unionist councillor Richard Holmes was also critical of the funding, describing the situation as ‘farcical’.

“We need to try and help the events that have been running for years, the last thing we want to do is loose these events.”