Minister praised for interest in keeping DVA jobs in Coleraine

County Hall in Coleraine. INCR36-106MJ
County Hall in Coleraine. INCR36-106MJ

THERE has been broad cross party support for Environment Minister Mark H Durkan’s determination to save the local DVA jobs.

Independent MLA, David McClarty tweeted that the meeting with the Minister was “very positive.”

He added: “It is THE issue dominating the area at the minute. Thanks for your undoubted interest and actions, Minister.”

SDLP MLA, John Dallat, said: “I hope this is the beginning of the political campaign to save the 300 jobs in County Hall - but also to protect other jobs that would be lost as a result of these jobs going.

“From today on, the politicians will take over from the consultation and we are united in our determination to ensure that these jobs are not going out of Coleraine to Swansea - that they are staying here and that the new technology that is required to sustain them in the long term is granted because this nonsense has been going on for several years now.”