MLA Sugden supports ‘on-the-job training’

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Employment and Learning Minister, Dr Stephen Farry, has launched an extension of the Skills to Succeed campaign, further highlighting the importance of skills and qualifications for individuals, employers and the economy.

East Londonderry MLA Claire Sugden is supporting the campaign.

She said: “I sit on the Committee for Employment and Learning and our recent work has focused on gaining experience through apprenticeships and other opportunities.

“Through my own career experiences, I recognise the importance of developing skills through on-the-job training because employers want evidence that you can already do the job.

“Throughout the year my office offers work experience for students and interns. This is tailored to meet the skills they may need for future employment because I realise the experience can be used on their CV or in job interviews when asked to demonstrate their proficiency.

“‘Skills for Success’ is another opportunity to equip school-leavers, or anyone looking for a career change, to enhance their offering.”