MLA to host coffee morning for Malawi

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SDLP Assembly Member John Dallat is throwing open his constituency office at 11 Bridge Street, Kilrea on Wednesday, April 3, for a coffee morning to raise much needed money for a remote and rural part of the Zomba region of Malawi where many people have died and many more have been left homeless.

Speaking of the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai, John said: “What the victims of the floods need most at the minute is cash to buy maize and rebuild the homes devastated by the floods which lasted for a week.  This is a region which my wife Anne visited on several occasions where she worked alongside volunteers helping to build a local economy where people could become self-sufficient growing crops and setting up small industries. 

“It is an area which is not reached by international aid organisations and depends on donations from wherever they can be got.  We are very fortunate that we know the area, know the people and can get cash direct to those who need it most. The money raised from the coffee morning will be transmitted to Malawi the same day to immediately buy food, help towards the rebuilding of the homes which have been destroyed and

most importantly to begin replanting the crops which were washed away in the floods. 

“The Malawian people are very resilient people. Yes, they will grieve for their loved ones lost in this terrible tragedy but they will pick themselves up and move on. That’s why it is so important that we get cash to them immediately. 

“Every penny will get directly to helping people. There is a triple lock in place to ensure no money goes astray and it is all accounted for. This has worked for years when we sent small amounts on a regular basis. This time we have to try harder and I appeal to anyone who can afford to donate to bear Malawi in mind whatever fundraising event they support.”