‘Molloy’ on stage in Coleraine

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Coleraine’s Riverside Theatre is thrilled to announce details of an enthralling professional drama.

It’s a theatrical presentation of one of Samuel Beckett’s most brilliant novels, Molloy and it’s presented by the Gare St Lazare Theatre Company.

The Irish theatre company Gare St Lazare Ireland has made an exploration of Beckett’s prose works.

Director Judy Hegarty Lovett and actor Conor Lovett have worked together on over 18 Beckett titles covering drama, radio drama, short stories and novels. They are considered among the foremost interpreters of Beckett’s work and have been hailed for making the work fresh and accessible while highlighting the humour, humanity and integrity.

In Molloy, a crippled tramp recounts an attempt to visit his aged mother. Along his route he is apprehended by the police for indecently resting on his bicycle. Shortly after his release from the police station he encounters an old woman and her dog, with dire consequences for the latter. Molloy is one of Beckett’s most poignant and arresting characters.

Gare St Lazare celebrates 20 years of touring Beckett’s prose internationally with a revival of this brilliant show in the Riverside.

For further information, please see: www.riversidetheatre.org.uk or call the staffed Box Office on 02870 123 123.