Moore’s of Coleraine ‘spreading joy’

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In line with Moores of Coleraine’s Christmas campaign which is centred around ‘[Spreading Joy’ staff took part in a series of recent charity drives including gathering food for a local charity and getting behind the Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper fundraiser.

Over the past few weeks staff at the department store have been compiling a food hamper in aid of the Causeway Foodbank and administered by the Trussell Trust.

The Save the Children Christmas Jumper campaign forms part of the charity’s annual fundraising drive. People were encouraged to wear their Christmas jumpers and donate £2. Save the Children representatives were also in store to collect for the charity.

Jayne McAuley, of Moore’s said: “The Causeway Foodbank makes a real difference to the lives of children and families in the local area and the Save the Children campaign, while fun, will make a real difference to lives of children around the world. Both are causes we really believe in.”