MP Paisley ‘delighted to teach government lesson’ over Sunday trading hours

DUP MP Ian Paisley junior
DUP MP Ian Paisley junior

North Antrim MP Ian Paisley has voted to defeat the government’s plans to extend Sunday trading in England and Wales saying it would have “undoubtedly had a subsequent impact upon traders in Northern Ireland.”

Speaking following the vote, Ian Paisley said “I am delighted with today’s result, it goes to show the strong feeling across the House that Sunday must remain a special day, and without a doubt, the news will be met with relief from traders who expressed serious concerns about the extension of Sunday Trading Hours.

“It was a privilege to vote on such an important matter, and I was delighted to be able to teach the government a lesson.

“The vote goes to show that the government cannot ignore the opinions of smaller parties in Westminster, and more importantly, it is proof that the government cannot ignore the opinions of the general public. Sunday is a special day and in an increasingly secular society, I am so pleased that it will remain so.”