Mullan pays tribute to Dallat as he thanks electorate

Newly elected MLA Gerry Mullan
Newly elected MLA Gerry Mullan

Newly elected SDLP MLA Gerry Mullan has thanked all those who voted for him in the Assembly Election.

He said: “I wish to thank all those who gave me their number one vote and also those who gave me preferences.

“I am deeply honoured to represent all the people of East Derry for the next five years and to encourage my colleagues in the different parties and none, to work with me for the common good of the constituency. There is no much to do in building transport and communications infrastructure as well as creating jobs to stop the stem of emigration.

“In the next two weeks the SDLP will decide the most effective role for the party in the new Assembly, but I can assure the electorate that whatever the decision it will be in the interest of the electorate who voted SDLP.

“In taking over as the new MLA I am very much aware of the tremendous role played by my predecessor John Dallat for the last 18 years through some of the most difficult times when politics was much more volatile and the threat of paramilitary violence was ever-present. I wish to thank him and his family for the enormous sacrifice they made so that we are in a better place today and I am honoured to now be part of that process.