Mum’s my inspiration

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A COLERAINE woman has set herself a huge charity challenge - inspired by her mum.

Alison Campbell (27) is hoping that she can lose five stone, between now and Christmas, and help raise money for two wards at the Causeway Hospital

The idea came about after Alison’s mum, June, spent over nine weeks in hospital before Christmas.

And as a way of thanking the medical teams who helped her, Alison decided to challenge herself and take part in a sponsored slim.

She told The Coleraine Times: “My mum has many underlying health problems and has been in and out of hospital for the past ten years.

“But, before Christmas she took ill, and at one point, we were told that she may not survive.

“But being the fighter that she is, mum fought her illness, and to the astonishment of the doctors, she came though and is recovering well. My dad always jokes that if my mum went into the ring with a boxer, she’d come out on top.

“During her time in hospital she was a patient in both Coronary Care and Medical One, and these are the two wards that I want to raise money for.

“The staff there were so good, it’s just my way of giving something back for the care they gave to my mum and to us as a family.”

Alison, who is a member of a local Weight Watchers group, says that her leader, Eve is really helping her reach her five stone target.

“Eve is a real inspiration. She gives the most amazing advice and support.

“We’ve worked it out that I need to lose two pounds every week until the last weigh in of the year, which is usually the second week in December.

“Last week I lost five pounds so I’m well on track,” told Alison.

“Anyone who knows me, knows that I have never been a ten stone girl, but now I have the focus to get healthy. All the inspiration I need is there when I look at my mum, “ said Alison.

“Just remember that yoy may need these nurses some time, this is just my way of saying thank you.”

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