‘Museums On The Air’ weekend at Roe Valley

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Bush Valley Amateur Radio Club will take part in the world renowned ‘Museums On The Air’ radio event for the first time later this month.

The club will be located at The Green Lane Museum in The Roe Valley Country Park and will transmit over the weekend of 27th and 28th June.

The club hope to have two stations running close to the main entrance of the museum with the intention of operating on many different bands and modes using the call GB8GLM.

This Special Event Station will use the call sign GB8GLM. The GB8 refers to Region 8 within the UK and the suffix GLM for of course, Green Lane Museum.

The intention of the event is to contact amateur radio special event stations at as many museums as possible throughout the world.

This event has proven itself to be extremely popular and well supported, particularly amongst the UK radio amateur population. It also gives the museums and the public a chance to see Radio Amateurs operate radios and hopefully explain how they work.

Located within the beautiful surroundings of Roe Valley Country Park, Green Lane Museum gives visitors the opportunity to view historical exhibits relating to local trades, agriculture and linen production and to experience the true flavour of days gone by in Limavady.

Pack a picnic, grab a comfortable jacket and come along to see GB8GLM on the dRoe Valley Country Park.